Ladan   Zolfaghari,    
      B.A. In Architecture           
Farzane   Sarpoolaki,  
      B.S. In Architecture           
       Hootan Hamedani,        
M.S. In Architecture 
    Int'l AIA, LEED AP, CID     

About Us:

Hootan & Associates design studio is an award-winning design and research platform launched by Hootan Hamedani in 2006. Our design studio is dedicated to be a hub for creative designs and inventive projects. We aim to express, to convey, to translate ideas into drawings, and drawings of buildings. Our mission is to move from the realm of concepts to their application; and we are not afraid to test new methods and materials to meet our goal. Being deeply immersed in a design environment that emboldens change, our designs continuously involve both conceptual and practical innovations